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The fastest way to communicate with employees.

Communicate however you’d like – using text or email.

Eliminate the countless back and forth emails about availability and shift coverage.

Stay connected on the go with the free SubItUp mobile app.

The communication aspect of SubItUp is extremely beneficial. The schedule is automatically updated and notifies managers when changes are made.
Al, University of South Florida

Accessible Everywhere

Employees and managers can access their schedule from anywhere at any time, via their mobile device, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Schedule Anywhere

Need to make schedule changes or adjustments on the go? Managers can access shift scheduling features via the SubItUp mobile application.

Mobile Scheduling Communication
Employee Scheduling Shift Reminder Settings

Shift Reminders

Employees have the option to receive text and/or email reminders 45-minutes prior to their scheduled shift start time.

Instant Updates

SubItUp keeps staff informed by automatically notifying them of newly scheduled hours, and any updates/changes made to their current schedule.

Group Messaging

SubItUp lets managers communicate with a single employee, a group of staff, or their entire workforce at the same time, using group messaging features.

Team Collaboration

Add, drop and swap features allow employees to collaborate with one another to ensure full shift coverage.

Staff Communication Messaging Tool
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