Timeclock Portals

No More Punch Cards!!

Have employees clock in and out of shifts effortlessly on any web enabled device. With the SubItUp Timeclock, managers can set up a single clock in/out station or multiple. We give you the flexibility to do what works for your organization.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

If you have one department or 100, it does not matter. You can easily set up your SubItUp Timeclock in moments in any configuration that you desire. SubItUp’s Online Time Clock can be set up to read usernames and passwords, ID cards, finger prints and more. What ever you need, we can provide you with the means for you to easily track your staff’s hours without the need to buy any additional hardware. Our time clock comes standard with multiple layers of security so that employees cannot figure out a way to log in from anywhere else other than the designated work area that was decided upon by management. Mobile / remote options are also available.

Department Designations

You can set up any web-enabled device to be a timeclock portal. Each portal can be designated for a singular position or as many as you would like. You can have multiple devices set up to allow clock in and out for the same position. The flexibility is endless. It is all up to you.

Login Variation

SubItUp offers multiple means of clocking in and out for shifts. We allow for username and password submission, card swipe accessibility or even biometrics. As long as it hooks up to a device via USB, we have you covered!

Clock In & More

Clocking in and out for shifts can be more than just time stamping. Often times, the need for more detailed information occurs and with the ability to leave notes at both clock in and out, SubItUp, once again shows that we are the premier staff management toll on the market. It is the little things that make it count.

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