Timeclock Management

Know Who, What, Where and When

Running payroll from scheduled or self reported time can cost you money in inaccuracies and overages. Don’t leave anything to chance. Save time and have peace of mind in knowing your staff are in attendance and are getting paid for their actual time worked.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

SubItUp’s time clock portal and management interface changes the game when it comes to online time clocks. Quick, easy and flexible time keeping is crucial to effectively managing your staff. What makes it even better is the fact that you now have your scheduled time and actual time in the same place. Payroll reconciliation is now instantaneous. SubItUp provides you with a way to easily adjust times, manually clock staff in or out, and to quickly view your live staff data with our Timeclock Management tool.

Our customizable time clock allows each position to configure their time clock to their own preferences. Do you need staff to be able to clock in for unscheduled time? Do you not allow staff to clock in earlier than a certain amount of time? Or do you want to be notified when an employee does not clock in or out for a shift? We do it all and more!

Employee Data

Easily see who is checked in. More information available at your finger tips to help manage your staff. Monitor total amount of break time accumualted per shift or just check to see if someone has clocked in for their shift.

Timeclock Preferences

Set limits on checkin and checkout. Never pay overtime hours because employees checkin too early or out too late. Manage preferences based on your departments needs. Authorize any internet enabled device to be timeclock portal. We make your life easier!

Clockin / Clockout Management

Need to adjust timecards? An employee forgot to clock out? Not a problem. Easily manipulate all of that and more to make sure you are able to take care of your employees.

Scheduled vs Actual Hours

Compare scheduled vs actual hours worked by each employee. Check to see if there are overages or if an employee is checking out too early. SubItUp creates a robust platform for you to understand what is going on with your employees.

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