Schedule Management

Usability Is Key

Now that you have created your schedule, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make adjustments with ease? Look no further. SubItUp’s intuitive design and robust features keeps complete control only a view clicks away.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

Online staff scheduling should make your life easier before, during and after the schedule generation process. SubItUp’s Schedule Management Tool makes managers' lives easier by editing schedules and making minor adjustments with intuitive efficiency. View the schedule by employee, by time, combined by employee, combined by time, grouped by time, grouped by department, by month, by week or by day. And to make it even better, all of our views are printable. Editing your shifts is effortless. You can completely customize an existing shift or quickly create a brand new shift, all in seconds.

Shift Management

Easily manipulate generated or existing schedules to meet the specific needs of your department. SubItUp can quickly reassign the shift to an available employee, publish that shift and notify all parties involved of this change in one simple interface.

To Publish or To Unpublish

Need to make changes to a schedule? Finished creating a future schedule? Quickly publish all generated schedules or only portions of it….you decide! SubItUp makes it easy to make adjustments on the go without creating conflicts.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Need to look at a schedule for a particular reason? For a particular date? Or do you just prefer to view it in a different format? SubItUp has the flexibility to tailor the schedule view to fit your needs.

Quick and Easy Site Navigation

Swiftly interchange between positions to work in any calendar or any other area of the site. No need to go back to the logon screen to move into other positions that you manage. We are always looking to make your life easier.

Finding Shift Availability

Check availability, total scheduled hours (globally) and total hours allowed for all staff at a moments notice. This is a great tool to reassign a shift and save time.

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