Schedule Generation

Finding The Right Fit

SubItUp simplifies your schedule generation process, no matter how you like to schedule. Don’t utilize a system that makes you change your process to fit it’s capabilities. SubItUp can be customized to fit your needs, so that all we are doing is making your life easier!!

Collect and Analyze Availability.

SubItUp takes all the work out of creating schedules for your staff. With just a couple clicks of the button, you can choose the day of the week you want to start your schedule and create a schedule for as many staff as you would like for as long as you would like. Do you prefer to have the same schedule for your employees, week in and week out? No problem. Utilize our Copy & Paste functionality to effortlessly move created schedules to as many subsequent weeks as you would like. We save our customers an average of 80% of the time they historically would have dedicated to generating schedules.

Day Of The Week

Variation abound! Not every organization starts their work week or pay period on the same day. We allow for every position to identify the day of the week to start their schedules and conveniently autopropogate those dates in drop down menu for date selection ease.

Duration Flexibility

Do you create a schedule for a week at a time? Are you on a 2 week rotation? Or do you create schedules for a long period of time? It is completely up to you. We do not require you to fit into our way, you can do it your way.

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