Payroll Reporting

Reconciliation Should Be Easier

Do you dread the end of a pay period because of the tedious cross checking needed to submit your payroll. No more!! SubItUp provides standard payroll reports and can offer customized integrations to make this process seamless, no matter what your process is or what vender you utilize for payroll.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

Knowing is half the battle. Being able to project future payroll expenses or compare historical data is crucial in running a business. Whether you utilize our time clock or just take advantage of out industry leading employee scheduling, you can benefit from our Labor Cost Reporting tool. SubItUp can create payroll report forms or employee time sheets that can give you all the info you need and then some. Many of our customers take advantage of our in-house engineering team to completely customize the payroll process with tailor made exports or direct integration into their existing payroll provider.

We aim to be a one source provider for all of your needs.

Payroll Service Integration

Are your needs a bit more complex? We can integrate our timeclock with any payroll / accounting service. We have experience with the likes of ADP, PeopleSoft, Paychex, Quickbooks and many, many more.

Payroll Data

Our payroll data is conveniently converted to graphics that help you understand your needs and a portion of your overhead. We want to help you understand your business so you can become more efficient in everything you do.

Printable Payroll Reports

In our continued effort to make your life easier, we have created quick and simple payroll reports to help you with payroll reconciliation. View comprehensive data about each department and employee. And don’t forget, we can integrate these with any payroll service!

Employee Summaries

Need a quick snapshot of what your payroll looks like for a certain time period? Or do you need to adjust wages or salaries for multiple employees all at once. Once again, we aim to please.

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