HR Management

Scheduling Is More Than Just Schedules

The professionals that create schedules are responsible for so much more. The managers that utilize SubItUp use it’s HR data to completely manage their staff, effectively.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

Employee scheduling entails so much more than just assigning them to hours. Managers need to have access to their staffs information for any number of reasons. SubItUp’s Online Staff Schedule Software allows managers to see and edit such things as: how often a staff member is checking their schedule, are they dropping shifts more often then adding shifts, what other positions does an employee work in , what are the pay rates for different positions and much much more. SubItUp gives you the tools to not just create but to manage staff and schedules.

Create Employees

You can create employee and manager accounts in seconds. There is no need to train your employees on how to use SubItUp, we do it for you with employee training videos.

Employee Profiles

Looking for a quick and easy way to find specific info on an employee. A multitude of information is only a click away to help you manage your staff.

Manager Priviledges

SubItUp has a unique manager delegation hierarchy that allows you to assign specific privileges to every manager. The best managers know how to delegate responsibility. We have you covered without having you give up control.

Delete Employee Time Saver

When removing a staff member on SubItUp, you are given three options. You can: Delete the employee and all shifts associated, Delete the employee and make all shifts available, or Delete the employee and reassign each shift to other employees based on their availability. It only takes seconds to do!

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