Historical Data

No Need To Commit Everything To Memory

We realize that life can get a bit hectic. Trying to keep everything organized is difficult enough, let alone managing a staff. SubItUp created a tool that allows you to investigate any shift and how it was edited, traded, modified, etc… Leave nothing up to guessing and get answers right away.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

SubItUp’s Online Staff Scheduling Software is versatile and robust. We have developed our product from years of customer feedback and suggestions. That information has led to many updates and upgrades like our Historical Data tool. There are many circumstances where a manager will need the ability to look back on historical data. We allow you to quickly access this information and filter through to find the date you seek. SubItUp tracks manager edits and employee modifications for all shifts created.

Filter to Find

Research conflicts or requests can be time consuming when you have to sift through months and months of created schedules. No more! Simply identify an employee and / or a time period and find out the information you are seeking in minutes.

Details, Details, Details

Be “in the know”! The SubItUp Staff Scheduling platform opens up it’s vast array of stored data for your convenience. See what the history of shift has been. Who assigned it? Who dropped it? Who swapped it? Who added it? I think you get my point. It is all there at your finger tips at a moments notice.

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