Employee Schedules

Manage Your Work Life Quickly & Easily

Need to enter your availability? Wondering what your schedule is? Need to add , drop or swap a shift? Want to know who your working with? Any questions that you may have, we have the answer to in one convenient place. SubItUp is extremely easy to use and can be accessed online or via or mobile apps.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

Creating a schedule for your employees is one thing. Getting them to follow it is another. SubItUp introduced Social Scheduling in 2007. This innovative idea changed how staff and managers interact on schedule changes. Employees can leverage our automated notification capabilities to find coverage, swap shifts or add shifts. Are you trying to plan a vacation? Utilize our Request for Time Off tool to submit and get approval from your manager. This extremely user friendly interface has made countless of our customers lives easier. And to make it even better, we created an entire section of our support site in an effort to train your employees for you.

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Availability Notifications

When a manager has requested availability, an employee can see this notification clearly upon login. The employee can quickly and easily enter their personal availability for specific shifts or for general hourly availability.

Full Schedule Access

As a convenience, we have made the full schedule available for viewing so that an employee can look at who they are working with, before or after. They can also utilize this tool to figure out potential employees that could cover a shift for them or swap a shift with them. It is there to make their lives easier.

Social Scheduling

This is our “pièce de résistance”!! We take the hassle out of employee schedule modification. Through an intricate notification system we broker shift offerings, adds and swaps quickly and seamlessly. Managers never have to worry about searching through availability to help find coverage again. We do it for you, with what we coined as “Social Scheduling”. Employees can drop shifts, add shifts and swap shifts all within SubItUp and find coverage / get approval in minutes instead of days.

Shift Details

We keep the flow of information going in our employee interface. Find out shift details with a click of a button. Determine how that shift will effect your overall schedule and overtime limits. Maximize your earning potential and get the shifts you want.

I Need A Vacation

Occasionally, staff members want to take time off. However, keeping track of all of their requests can end up creating problems. The Request for Time Off functionality removes the risk of leaving a shift uncovered or not having enough employees to cover your shift load. Intelligent analytics allows managers to know what effect an employees time off will have on their organization as a whole.

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