One Source To Create, Manage and Convey

Are you tired of needing to jump back and forth between programs to communicate with your employees? SubItUp integrates multiple platforms to allow streamlined communication between managers and employees.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

Other online staff schedulers don’t allow managers to seamlessly communicate with their employees. SubItUp has many automated notifications within our schedule generation and modification processes. In addition, our Send A Message tool gives managers the ability to send notifications to a single staff member or group of employees all without leaving SubItUp. No need to switch between your shift planning device and your email editor. We are always looking for ways to save our customers time and this ability to email or text in one source, does just that.

Message Formats

Does your staff respond better via email or text. We give you the option to choose. Each messaging platform allows you to effectively communicate with your staff with a moments notice.


Do you need to message your entire staff or just a segment of it. We give you the flexibility to create lists and access them quickly, meeting your communication needs.

Communication Scheduling

Do you have recurring messages that need to go out on specific dates? Tired of having to send out the same messages or forgetting to send them. We take care of that too!!

Customizable Content

Our email editor allows you to customize whatever notification you are sending. Want or need to make it look a certain way? The SubItUp email editor will give you all the customizable options you desire and then some.

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