Availability Management

No More Compiling Availability Lists!!

Let technology do the work for you. SubItUp’s employee interface let’s them enter their availability in a time efficient manner. In addition, SubItUp compiles everyone’s availability effortlessly, allowing managers to have more time for other priorities.

Collect and Analyze Availability.

Personnel Scheduling can be just that…personal! Not every employee has the same availability and keeping track of everyone’s schedules can be extremely time consuming. Customers that use SubItUp never have to compile emails or spreadsheets again. Employee availability is simple. Ask your staff to enter their availability on SubItUp and we do the work for you. Managers have fingertip access to when to work information at all times. Does an employee need to update their availability? No problem. Give them restricted or free access to their availability manager.

Employee Availability

Rapidly see when an employee can work, based on the availability that was submitted by the employee themselves. Never again waste time compiling availability. We do it for you!!

Request / Confirm Availability

With one click, request availability from one employee or all of them. The employee interface allows the employees to easily enter when they can and cannot work. That information seemlessly integrates to allow managers to create schedules in minutes…..not hours.

Global Hours Managment

Preferences, Preferences, Preferences! That is what we strive for at SubItUp. We want our customers to be able to set up their scheduling in the way that fits their needs the most. Do you want your staff to be able to take double shifts? Do you need to set a maximum amount of hours per day or week? Do you schedule based on priority or seniority? We can handle all of that too!!

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