Leave Management

Employee Leave, Vacation & Time Off Management

Manage Employee Time Off

Track, monitor and plan for staff vacation and days off.

Empower staff to manage and monitor their requests for time off.

SubItUp ensures staff are never scheduled during approved leave times.

Eliminate the challenge of manually tracking vacation requests.

Creating Time Off Requests

Within SubItUp, an employee can quickly enter and send their manager a request for time off. The manager will instantly receive notification of the request, which they can then approve or deny.

Leave Request Status

Staff can submit and monitor the status of their leave requests from any internet connected device. SubItUp instantly notifies an employee when their time off request has been approved or denied by their manager.

Status of Employee's Requests for Time Off
My staff loves how easy it is to make schedule changes and requests, as a manager I like how simple it is to manage and approve those requests.
Brian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Manage Staff Time Off Requests

Time Off Analytics

SubItUp provides detailed insight into how each leave request impacts your staff schedule, helping to ensure full shift coverage.

Leave Approval Assistance

Corresponding approved, pending and denied requests for time off are presented with each pending request to aid managers in the decision-making process.

Leave Considered Scheduling

When generating a new schedule, SubItUp automatically accounts for time off requests, guaranteeing an employee is never scheduled during an approved leave or vacation time.

Conflicting Time Off Requests

A request for time off will automatically be denied if it conflicts with an existing scheduled shift. The requesting employee will be required to find shift coverage by dropping or swapping the shift.

Staff Scheduling Time Off Analytics
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