Equipment Reservations

Online Equipment Reservation Software

Equipment Reservation Software

Ditch the signup sheets, reserve equipment online.

Increase correlations between reservations and actual equipment usage.

Streamline your reservation process with SubItUp’s easy-to-use online equipment reservation software.

Eliminate the burden of manually coordinating equipment reservations.

SubItUp’s customer service is amazing, it’s part of what won us over. They’re always willing to help, whether it’s by providing training or to answer a quick question.
Perry, Liberty University

Control Equipment Usage

SubItUp empowers your organization to maintain full control of equipment usage, with an easy-to-use online equipment reservation interface.

Conflict Free Reservations

SubItUp’s equipment reservation software eliminates double-booking and prevents scheduling conflicts across your entire organization.

Online Equipment Reservation Tool
Online Equipment Reservation Software

Online Equipment Reservations

Members can quickly browse and identify their equipment needs, view current and future asset availability, and make reservations from any online device.

Equipment Availability

Members can search equipment availability by time, type and location to reserve the equipment they need, when they need it.

Inaccessible Equipment

Quickly pause and resume new reservations for a specific piece of equipment with active/inactive equipment settings.

Multi-location Equipment Management

Effortlessly manage equipment across multiple locations. Create as many facilities as you need, and designate equipment availability for each location.

Fitness Equipment Reservation Tool
SubItUp is a life saver. I can’t believe I ever used paper and pencil for scheduling.
Scott, Southern New Hampshire University
Facility Equipment Reservation Software

Equipment Operation Hours

Do your members use equipment onsite? Set each facility’s hours of operation to manage equipment availability times.

Modify Equipment Reservations

Equipment managers can quickly edit, change or cancel any upcoming equipment reservation. The reserving member will instantly receive an automated notification to inform them of updates made to their reservation.

Authorized Equipment Users

Authorized members can access equipment availability, create new reservations and view past equipment reservations via their account login on any online device.

Real-Time Equipment Usage

Equipment managers can quickly access the status of any reservation in real-time. View which equipment is in use, who is using it, when the reservation begins and ends, future reservations and much more.

Equipment Reservation Software Users
Equipment Reservation Software

Equipment Reservation Rules

Create reservation rules by determining minimum/maximum equipment reservation length, defining cancellation thresholds and more.

Equipment Reservation History

Maintain individual records for each piece of equipment. View who reserved the equipment, who used the equipment and additional historical details.

Member Reservation History

View usage and reservation history for any authorized user. Monitor correlation between each user’s reservation and actual equipment usage.

User Reservation Restrictions

Equipment managers can restrict individual users from creating new reservations. This feature is commonly used for equipment and reservation misuse.

Manage Equipment Reservations Users
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