Our unique approach to online staff, event and asset scheduling is flexible for any organization with customizable rigidity, through configuring rules, to conform to complex business needs.
Started at MIT in 2007, SubItUp was built to streamline the scheduling process for full and part-time staff members, based on industry leaders requirements.
Since our inception, SubItUp has been dedicated to evolving our offering based on our clients feedback. Today, SubItUp has grown to be an industry leader, trusted by thousands of managers.

Is collecting and analyzing staff availability an agonizing task?

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Collect and Analyze Availability.

Creating schedules manually means requesting availability from staff members, some of whom reply, some don’t. Maybe they submit it on slips of paper or sticky notes that get lost on your desk. Then it’s up to you to combine and analyze that availability – possibly via an Excel spreadsheet – against either open shifts or the next scheduling period’s clean slate. Depending on the size and responsiveness of your staff, this single element of scheduling can be daunting, especially if you work with young workers whose availability might be inconsistent or changeable.

With SubItUp, a manager can request staff availability and have the ability to modify or approve the their submissions. Staff members submit availability to a centralized location via any web-enabled device and they can update it as needed.

Interestingly, availability is oftentimes subjective. What your staff has inputted as availability is many times their preference for shift availability. SubItUp allows your staff to be more accurate in reporting their availability by marking time as, essentially “yes I can work;” “sure, I guess I could work if you really needed me;” and “no, I can’t work.”

This function gives your staff an opportunity to get their preferred times to work. For students and other young workers managing school, work, and other responsibilities, the option to schedule their preferred shifts is a big plus.

SubItUp empowers your staff to take control of their work schedules in ways they – and you – never thought possible.

Integrate with Other Business Systems

In college and university settings, SubItUp can integrate with Banner to import course schedules to automatically determine availability for shifts. In other settings, SubItUp can integrate with Peoplesoft or Kronos to import scheduling parameters such as availability and time off. For companies that have built proprietary business systems, SubItUp can work with you to integrate SubItUp’s capabilities with your algorithms or processes.

"Now that we’ve embraced the system, it would be impossible to live without it."
Phil C., Program Coordinator at Sun Devil Fitness Ctr. READ THE CASE STUDY
"SubItUp provides one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. They make me feel like I’m their only client."
Ryan G., Assistant Director for Russell House Operations at Univ. of South Carolina. READ THE CASE STUDY
"The biggest benefits to using SubItUp are efficiency and accuracy. Everything is in one spot, it’s always up-to-date, and I can check it from anywhere, anytime."
Betsy E., Fitness and Wellness Coordinator at The College at Brockport. READ THE CASE STUDY
"SubItUp’s customer service is really good; it’s just part of what has won us over."
Perry T., Assistant Director of Facility Operations at Liberty University. READ THE CASE STUDY
"SubItUp really listened! Our concerns were taken seriously, and the company moved quickly to address our needs. SubItUp can do everything we need it to."
Martha H., Store Manager, Coffman Bookstore and Law School Bookstore at Univ. of Minnesota. READ THE CASE STUDY
"It’s saved me at least 20-30 hours in creating a schedule for lifeguards alone. It’s been totally worth it for me."
Rick Craig, Director of Recreation at Cal State San Bernardino.

Common Questions

How will SubItUp save me time and money?
We save our customers time and money by automating the schedule generation and management process and streamlining the payroll reconcilation process. SubItUp can integrate with several payroll solutions, like PayChex, Quickbooks, etc.
What makes SubItUp unique?
SubItUp is the only web-based scheduling solution that has an automated way to generate your schedule while allowing your staff to add, drop and swap shifts...without creating a scheduling conflict. In SubItUp, you never have to worry about double-booking people, places or things.
Do you provide support or training?
Absolutely! Our team of Product Specialists can answer all of your questions and assist you in getting setup. In addition, if you need a custom report or service, our engineers are always available to help.
Where did the name SubItUp come from?
When we began development we were really interested in 'social scheduling' and the subbing process. So Sub-It-Up rolled out of someone's mouth and it just stuck. One cool thing is that our customers now use "SubItUp" as a verb - like "You need to get coverage? Go SubItUp".
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