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Transportation – Driver Scheduling

Assigning routes or vehicles to an extremely variable staff? The ability to make changes on the go that does not eat up your valuable time is paramount to managing successfully. The versatility of the SubItUp online transportation scheduling software can handle your needs and simplify your workload.

SubItUp works with an array of transportation-based businesses and has proven to be a major difference maker in the way that they manage their staff and vehicles. Our availability tool allows managers to know when workers are available to work with a few clicks of their mouse and the ability to run payroll reports streamlines the workflow at the end of a pay period.

Determining Availability

You may have the need to add a shift or change who is working an existing shift. How can you quickly identify who is eligible and available to work? SubItUp, once again, has you covered. From a simple drop down menu managers can identify those employees that are available. In addition, they can identify the total amount of hours they are currently schedule for and how many hours they are allowed to be scheduled for. Take your pick of you want to assign it to or leave it as available and let the SubItUp Social Scheduling tool work it’s magic!

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Payroll Reporting

Many of our customers need the ability to print off a payroll report. The SubItUp Employee Scheduling and Management Software allows managers to easily dictate the time frame of the needed report and provides them with the necessary information to run a payroll report. The form provides details such as time of the shift, actual clock in and out times, total scheduled vs actual time, pay rate per position, payroll amount per position and total payroll amount per employee. All of this infomration is printable and is, also, capable of being copied and pasted into an Excel document for further manipulation. SubItUp makes it easy for you to do your job.

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