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Theaters & Venues

Theater and Venue Employee Schedule Management

Multiple departments and varying staff abilities. An ever changing event schedule and the need to schedule based on availability instantaneously. The versatility of the SubItUp online staff scheduling software can handle your needs and simplify your workload.

SubItUp works with an array of venue-based businesses and has proven to be a major difference maker in the way that they manage their staff and vehicles. Our availability tool allows managers to know when workers are available to work with a few clicks of their mouse and the ability to run payroll reports streamlines the workflow at the end of a pay period.

Availability Collection

The number one complaint we hear from managers is regarding compiling employee availabilities. This, normally, immense task of data collection is completed effortlessly through the SubItUp Employee Scheduling and Management Software. We do all of the requesting and compiling for you. Managers can see an accumulated summary of availability at a click of a button. This allows managers to easily identify whether they will have enough employees to cover the needed shift hours involved with running their department. There is no more need to pour over availability forms for hours on end.

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Employee Communications

Communication is vital when managing a staff. Being able to connect with your employees quickly and efficiently can make a major difference in your effectiveness as a manager. The SubItUp Online Staff Scheduling and Management software gives you access to multiple forms of communication. Many of the communications with your staff are automated but in the case where you need to customize a message, our Send A Message tool can email or text message notes to your staff. In addition, you can schedule the messages to go out on a specific date and time. Even more, you can set up recurring messages so that any notes that need to be sent periodically, can be set up and forgotten about.

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