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Scheduling Volunteers & Employees for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations have the same amount of staff demands, if not more, than traditional companies. Volunteer management is crucial to their existence and knowing when they are available can make a very big difference. SubItUp works with a variety of organizations by helping manage their full-time, part-time and volunteer staff.

Being able to forecast labor costs and managing a staff on a budget can make or break a company. The SubItUp volunteer scheduling software and payroll tracking capability provides a tool to increase efficiencies in multiple areas of your organization.

Communicating with Volunteers

Communication is vital when managing a staff. Being able to connect with your employees quickly and efficiently can make a major difference in your effectiveness as a manager. The SubItUp Online Staff Scheduling and Management software gives you access to multiple forms of communication. Many of the communications with your staff are automated but in the case where you need to customize a message, our Send A Message tool can email or text message notes to your staff. In addition, you can schedule the messages to go out on a specific date and time. Even more, you can set up recurring messages so that any notes that need to be sent periodically, can be set up and forgotten about.

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Social Scheduling

Are you tired of fostering coverage for your employees? Or managing the “Trade Board” to make sure requests are getting covered? The SubItUp Employee Social Scheduling tool is about to change your life. We harness technology to do all of this automatically. An employee can offer a shift for others to cover and within seconds, all available emloyees are notified of the available shift. This facilitation gets the job done quickly and easily. Do you want the ability to approve or deny a requested shift change? Managers can individually configure SubItUp for moderation. Through this intricate notification system we broker shift offerings, adds and swaps quickly and seamlessly. Managers never have to worry about searching through availability to help find coverage again.

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